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Injecting Sense into yummy mummies

White, middle-class, loving mums. And their stupitidy could kill your child - Comment - Times Online

“There was no way I was going to let Harry have the MMR — he’s the only child I’m going to have and I don’t want him going autistic on me.”
We need to deal with the hysterical middle-class parents who, in the name of love, risk dragging Britain back to an era of high child mortality. The answer lies in education, education, education: we cannot force parents to become scientifically literate, but we can ensure that their children's attendance of schools, state or private, depends on their having had a complete set of jabs. Only then will the well-clad, well-heeled troops turn round their SUVs and beat a retreat.

I'm with her all the way about stupid middle class women and their belief in mumbo jumbo rather than science until she wants to involve compulsion. My skin creeps at the state injecting my children against my will....


You show no understanding of a mothers concern for her children's welfare. Remember she is concerned only about her child, not the overall statistics. When the establishment politicos and doctors urge her to have the MMR vaccine, but a lone voice , apparantly respected, urges caution. Why should she listen to the politicos (Blair kept quiet but had his son given the seperate components in France)or the doctors who even as we speak are being challenged again. I have not trusted any government figures or indeed most information offered by this government since 1997.

Harold, can you cite a source for the Blair story? (I don't disbelieve you, it's just that I'd like to be sure.)

What Harold said.

The risk may be low (or non-existent) but the impact is so awful that you cannot blame mothers for wanting to avoid it.

Of course it's all perfectly safe - just like feeding minced up cow's brains to other cows was perfectly safe - so you can, if you wish, label them all as middle-class loonies (Q: why is it only middle-class people who attract contempt and opprobrium when they care about their childrens' welfare?), but actually it's impossible not to sympathise.

Especially as the MSM (main stream medics, in this context) cannot provide ANY plausible reason for the huge rise in autism rates over the last few years.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was singing the same song in one of the weekend papers - basically urging mothers to 'think of society' & get their kids vaccinated.

Very creepy, very Soviet, no matter what you may think of the rights & wrongs of the MMR debate....

Only problem is that goverment advice changes all the time. Maybe in a decade we will all know something different from what you propose forcing on people now.

It is my understanding that the 'lone voice' used flawed data and that even he conceeds his caution to have been a load of old bollocks.

Whatever the reason for the increase in autism it ain't the MMR.

Does anyone remember Thalidomide? - that also came highly recommended, by the medical profession.

Peter Hitchens in the Sunday Mail, remarked that he was inclined to accept that the MMR was a good thing, - until the medical profession allowed it's 'bilious intolerance of any criticism' to surface. His comment was:'If it is so safe, why the intolerance and paranoia?'

And why has the medical council taken the unprecedented step of taking action against Dr. Wakefield, without such action being prompted by a prior complaint.

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