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A380 - a road to ruin, not just to Torbay from Exeter.

How the superjet designed to unite Europe is now tearing it apart - World - Times Online

A YEAR ago the Airbus A380 Superjumbo soared into the skies above Toulouse on its maiden flight.
Down below, Tony Blair, President Chirac, Gerhard Schröder, then the German Chancellor, and thousands of onlookers hailed the world's biggest passenger jet as an emblem of European integration.

But today the A380 has become a symbol of all that is wrong with Europe - incompetence, misplaced ambition, greed and bickering.
Far from uniting Europe, it is driving a wedge between France and Germany, with Berlin complaining of the French penchant for state intervention and cronyism, and Paris debnouncing Germans' stiffling desire for concensus.
With executives and industrialists facing a series of investigations into the events that made them richer - and ordinary shareholders poorer - the aircraft has also propelled its manufacturer into the greatest crisis of its history.

Nightcap Syndication has further information.
According to a whistleblowing source (known to us but they must remain anonymous) within the subcontracting chain there are other problems with the A380 aircraft that have not yet been publicly revealed. Whether or not the problems already admitted to are solved or not the airplane will not gain an airworthiness certificate for at least another year:

Apart from a small sniffle at my taxes being wasted all I can do is giggle!


Hahahaha! French greed and corruption - they need the Germans if not to march across the countryside to at least manage their books. The EU is a bloated corrupt whore-of-Europe.

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