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BBC NEWS | Politics | PM to get two 'Blair Force Ones'

Prime Minister Tony Blair is set to get the go-ahead later this month for two "Blair Force One" planes to fly him on official trips, the BBC has learned.
One is likely to be a long-haul plane with 70 seats, while a 15-seater jet will be ordered for shorter flights,
Until now the PM has chartered planes or used the Queen's Flight. The Queen will also have use of the new aircraft.

Oh that is jolly decent of Cherie to allow Her Maj to share the Prime Minister's Aircraft, provided of course C&T haven't got wind of another freebie holiday they need to be rushed to...

lese maj·es·ty also lèse ma·jes·té (lēz' măj'ĭ-stē)
n., pl. lese maj·es·ties or lèse ma·jes·tés.
An offense or crime committed against the ruler or supreme power of a state.
An affront to another's dignity.


Yacht to shmooze overseas buyers and investors equals blatant waste of taxpayer's money.

TWO jets to ferry pompous politicians around on jollies and 'fact finding' equal essential purchase.

So what's happening to the Queen's Flight?

Or is this merely a back-handed method of announcing it's demise?

I think the Queen's Flight is indeed being replaced by The Princess Toni's Flight.

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