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Hitting the Hippies with Smith and Wessons

Forgetting the solistice was on I drove through Avebury this morning scattering guitar-strumming soap-dodgers and mangey dogs on strings - Plod was out in force but I didn't see this pair of Smith and Wesson equipped officers...

Saddling Up For Solstice (from This Is Wiltshire)

Marlborough police, officers are about to launch the Blues on Twos.
That's what officers who will be carrying out bicycle patrols during the summer solstice celebrations in Avebury on June 21 are calling themselves.
This year the force is providing the pair with brand new Smith and Wesson all terrain bicycles, which are expected to arrive in Marlborough tomorrow.
PC Andy Sexton, who with PC Simon McLaren-Clark will be carrying out the patrols, said: "We tried it out last year and it was a fantastic success because we were able to hit the solstice people from a very community-based level."

I didn't know S&W made bikes, but I do like the idea of hitting hippies "from a very community-based level" - would that be in the solar plexus region?


I must recommend hitting them at their "community-originating" level to prevent further "community basing" - it's about 12-inches below the solar plexus.

Like DirtCrashr my prefered target would be about 12 inches lower.

Still we shouldn't be too pickie. As you say; hitting hippies needs to be encouraged regardless of the location of the blow. In my opinion, far too many soap-dodgers go without a single poesklap from one year to the next.


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