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Wronging Badgers

BBC NEWS | UK | Badger TB vaccine trial launched

Farmers, who cannot interfere with sets on their land because badgers are protected by law, have called on the government for a cull of the animals to protect their herds.

This is plain wrong and the BBC should be censured for it! Badgers live in setts - note the double t! The poor word "set" has enough work to do, with it being the word with the most meanings - up-to 200 according to some! So if you are off to bother a badger remember it is "sett" - it's the law!

Protection of Badgers Act 1992 (c. 51)
Interfering with badger setts.


Haven't shot a 'pig' for a while now .... isn't that what we have terriers for? eh Englishman!!!!

Can someone point me to the original research that pinpoints badgers as the carriers of TB, thanks.

Badgers carry TB, ask any vet.
`The sum of evidence strongly supports the view that, in Britain, badgers are a significant source of infection in cattle. Most of this evidence is indirect, consisting of correlations rather than demonstrations of cause and effect; but in total the available evidence, including the effects of completely removing badgers from certain areas, is compelling.`
Don`t you know how to do a Google search?

Welcome to another expensive and useless Government scheme aimed at pleasing everybody. As per normal, it is doomed to failure.

Tuberculosis is a peculiar organism; it is very hard for the immune system to see and very hard to vaccinate against; most vaccines are not very effective even when injected.

Badgers make the process even harder, because the vaccine has to be oral, has to be very very effective, has to be long-lasting and absolutely must be dirt-cheap.

It is possible to throw millions of pounds at R & D projects in biology and get absolutely nowhere. So, pharmaceuticals companies only research things where there's a lucrative market, and badgers aren't lucrative.

The simple solution to eliminating tuberculosis is to simply slaughter every cow in the affected areas, pay the farmers to have a year's holiday then blitz the badger population over that year to kill out all reservoir infection.

Then you allow cows back in, and keep on blitzing the badgers for another few years, to make sure TB doesn't get back in, monitoring cows all the while for TB.

That would work, it has worked in the past, and it'd knock the bottom out of the vaccine market permanently. It'd also have the bunny-huggers up in arms about the plan, but that crowd are a load of wooly-minded nitwits anyway, and get up in arms about a lot of things for no discernable reason.

An alternative could be to just let nature take its course. Cattle famers would soon have to get out of the business or manage their stock in a less intensive manner until a natural balance was found.

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