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Creative Zen Vision: M and Napster problems - solved

Since I got my nifty Creative Zen Vision: M I have had all sorts of problems getting Napster To Go songs to transfer to it - sometimes one would go and then everything lock up, other times it might manage ten. Creative supply two programs for transferring tracks - neither work. Napster locks up, Windows MediaPlayer 10 very occasionally worked. The forums had no solutions but were united on one thing - don't try Windows Media Player 11 Beta - it is Microsoft Beta ware - it would be crazy to try it.
As nothing else worked I thought it can't be any worse and tried it last night - works like a little dream, music is whipping back and forth to my Creative Zen Vision: M and I'm a happy bunny. The only small problem is that it in default setting also synchronises your pictures and videos onto the player as well - and I'm not sure I want those on there!
So hopefully Google will pick this article about the Creative Zen Vision: M up and help some other poor sucker.
Now back to adding even more songs - I only have 2453 on there at the moment!
One of the joys of having teenagers is that also provide suggestions (if you have any suggestions please add them below, now the machine is working I can add them). No 1 son suggested Rammstein - a German Heavy thrash rock combo. Their sound is reminiscent of massed V12 Maybach HL 230 P30 engines roaring over the rattle of tracks - in fact when I was out on my morning walk with the headphones as soon as their songs came on I turned east and found I had difficulty bending my knees as a I marched....


www.pandora.com - feed it with a few faves and see what else it comes up with.

In the Rammstein mode I suggest Dragonforce - but NOT and I repeat NOT if you are driving a car and have to worry about pedestrians, speed cameras and other irritants of that sort. Its killer Autobahn music though...

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