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When will Blair go?


For a 1.50 stake you could win 500. All you have to do is text the time and date when you expect Tony Blair to stop being Prime Minister to 88010.
We are not looking for the time and date when Mr Blair announces his decision to resign but when he actually resigns. You need, therefore, to think about the time that it might take for the Labour party to elect a successor or you might think that Mr Blair will resign immediately and install John Prescott as interim Prime Minister?
Entries should be texted to 88010 and the message should look like this...
"BLAIR 1312 240707" would mean that you expect Blair to stop being Prime Minister at 1.12pm on 24th July 2007.

Um - worth a think...
Of course I actually hope he continues in office for ages - the government is now paralysed with the ineffective and infighting leadership. And we all know the less governing that gets done the better. I believe that the USA had record growth during the Hanging Chad Interregnum, maybe in our present Blair-Brownian Interregnum we may experience the same.


Mr. Blair now has an opportunity to increase his retirement by betting a few thousand pounds himself.

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