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There are no safeguards in place.

Enron Banker Loses Extradition Case (from This Is Wiltshire)

A FATHER-OF-FIVE from a village near Bradford on Avon will be extradited to the US to face trial on fraud charges in connection with the Enron scandal....
Mark Spragg, solicitor for the three men, said last week there were no safeguards stopping people being extradited to the USA. He warned business people to be extremely careful about any dealings they have with America, saying: "If anything is done which could possible offend against US law, then anybody in the business community is likely to find themselves the subject of an extradition request which will be granted by England straight away. "There are no safeguards in place."

Iain Dale's Diary

You may well be aware that there is currently an unfair and aggressively policed extradition treaty with the US which has resulted in the dubious imprisonment in the US of one British businessman and the potential imprisonment of several more. Karl Watkin isn't just talking about it, he's organising a dignified demonstration of businesses' concern (that's a march to you and me) this THURSDAY 29th JUNE AT 5pm from the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall to the Home Office in Marsham Street, a short distance away.

As Iain says - spread the word. The US understands the importance of protecting its own citizens and that is why this arrangement isn't reciprocal, for all extraditions to any country, including our Continental friends there should be stringent safeguards in place.


Fine, as long as you are talking about business, or white collar, possible criminal acts. I don't agree that people who are suspected of violent acts should have the same privilege and I hold that view for both sides of the pond. Locally, a Brit named Darren Bridgeman (one of your shaved head wonders)just shot his American ex girlfriend dead and seriously injured her new boyfriend as they were getting out of their car in front of her house, this past Saturday. There was a 14 year old kid with them who luckily escaped injury and witnessed them being gunned down in front of him. Bridgeman is being tracked down and is considered "armed and extremely dangerous." If he hasn't run back to the UK already, I don't want him to have the option of doing so. Again, if an American scum bag pulled the same thing on an English girl over there, I think he should have to stay and face British justice, as well.

I really don't see the problem. If he has committed an offence, and it was carried out in America, then why not send him there to stand trial? If he isn't familiar with American law, he shouldn't be doing business there.

It was my son's mother he shot to death in front of my son. I can understand your concerns but cannot honestly say I care about any law - save what is right - in this case. The man killed a mother in front of a son - he should be dealt with. This has ruined lives and saddened hundreds.

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