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Labourhome and the racist Labour voter problem

I thought I would check out the woeful Labour home, especially as Devil's Kitchen claims to have been banned by them - which would be the expected action of a true nuLabour setup.

LabourHome Colour-Blind Affirmative Action

In a recent MORI study it was shown that BME candidates secure a smaller share of the vote for their parties than white candidates, sadly this was more so in Labour constituencies.

So that is nuLabour's problem is it, traditional Labour voters don't like Darkies, of course the party doesn't anything to do with these dinosaurs but it can't live without their votes - what to do?

Racism is of course the inherent design fault of socialism - if you bang on about society and sharing within it pretty soon you have to draw up boundaries as to who is within and who is without your society, otherwise you have to share with the whole world. And that is what politicised racism is - socialism in action. Whereas global capitalism doesn't give a hoot as to the colour of your skin just what you sell or buy.

(I think bme is Black and Minority Ethnic - not Body Modification Enthusiast - ugh! - Though I prefer BME.co.za "Market leader in blended bulk explosive formulations for surface mines and also manufactures packaged explosives"
- much more interesting than the wingeing of some nuLabourite...)


Get in touch with your inner child - become a blaster :)

Take it from me BME's products turn mining engineers into grinning idiots.


ps Even the black ones

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