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And they wonder why they fail to catch any.

Telegraph | News | Police won't chase if thief has no helmet

Police refused to chase a thief who had stolen a moped because the youth was not wearing a helmet, the victim said yesterday.
Max Foster, 18, said officers told him they feared being sued if the thief fell off the moped and injured himself.
The thief escaped on the 1,200 moped, ..
Avon and Somerset police said that aborting a pursuit because the rider was not wearing a helmet was one of the "options available" to officers when "members of the public or the riders themselves could be put in danger".
With regard to the incident on Tuesday, a decision was made to actively search for the stolen moped and inquiries to trace the offenders are still ongoing."

Or he could have said in the immortal words of The Sweet: "Does anyone know the way, did we hear someone say - We just haven't got a clue what to do..."

It is strange how the Avon and Somerset Police have featured here before - the seem to be becoming famous for political correctness and ineffectiveness - are the two connected?

An Englishman's Castle: Careful how you go down Bristol way

Four out of five crimes committed in the Bristol area remain unsolved, according to figures released by Avon and Somerset Constabulary.
Chief Constable Colin Port said he was pleased the force had improved its detection rate which a year ago was the worst outside London

An Englishman's Castle: You're nicked

Avon and Somerset police force has agreed to pay a rejected white male recruit undisclosed compensation after being warned that its recruitment policy might be illegal.

An Englishman's Castle: PC Dragon at work

The landlady of a pub who organised a St George's Day archery competition using the dragon on a Welsh flag as the target has been interviewed by police, after a report of alleged incitement to cause racial hatred.


So Plod is scared of Souix, Grabbit and Runne is he? Well there is a simple solution. Aggrieved citizens who have been failed by the police should start whacking him with suits of their own.

See how often he likes hearing: "I, Joe Arbuthnot Bloggs, hereinafter known as the plaintif, do hereby make claim jointly and severally against PC Plod, the Station Commander of Wooford Road Nick, The Chief Constable of West Woofordshire and the Home Secretary, hereinafter known as the lazy ineffective pillocks, for failure to perform their sworn duty, to whit......."

Let's see if that doesn't provoke some sort of reaction.


I can't think for a moment why the owner of the moped wouldn't have such a case.

Sue. Sue now.

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