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Dave and Tony crying together

BBC NEWS | Politics | Blair to count cost of poor night

There can be no clearer indication of the difficulties currently facing Tony Blair and his government than the results in the Bromley and Blaenau Gwent by-elections.
And the signs are seriously bad, with the party failing to regain Blaenau Gwent and plunging into fourth place behind the Liberal Democrats and UKIP in Bromley and Chislehurst.
But, while it may have been a disastrous night for Labour, there was also a sharp kick in the pants for David Cameron's Tories.
They came dangerously close to losing the once safe-as-houses seat of Bromley to a sensational Liberal Democrat surge

I think Dave has more to worry about than Tony - NuLabour is in meltdown but we knew that already whereas the Tories must be seriously disappointed and surprised at a piss-poor poll with the UKIP taking a lot of traditional Tory votes, maybe Dave ought to start "doing" Europe and the Lib-Dims hanging onto the soppy end - however green and cuddly Dave is he doesn't seem to get the sandal wearers to actually vote Tory.


Thing is if you look at the results UKIP only gained 800-odd seats and the Limp Dems over a thousand but the tories lost 11,000 and Labour 8,000 (about that I think?).

In other words around 16-18,000 people couldn't be bothered to vote for anyone...why is the $64,000 question!

People didn't need to express their patriotism by voting Tory at the moment because they can do that by talking about the football! ;)

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