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Why Europe hates America Pt.3

Telegraph | Opinion | To hate America is to hate mankind

Kipling's poem The White Man's Burden is often assumed to be about the British Empire, but it was in fact addressed to the United States, then beginning its global ascendancy following the Spanish-American War.
A century later, its lines -"The blame of those ye better, the hate of those ye guard" - seem eerily prophetic. According to our YouGov poll, even many Britons regard America as malign, although they remain fond of individual Americans.
Americans find themselves damned either way. If they remain within their own borders, they are isolationist hicks who are shirking their responsibilities. If they intervene, they are rapacious imperialists.

Indeed, many of their detractors manage to hold these two ideas in their heads simultaneously. Yet a moment's thought should reveal that they are both unfair...

Conceived in a popular uprising against autocratic government, the United States has a natural sympathy with self-rule, personal freedom and representative government. To this day, it is guided by the Jeffersonian ideal that decisions should be taken as closely as possible to the people they affect.

The EU, of course, is founded on the opposite principle, that of "ever-closer union". No wonder its peoples sometimes resent their more successful cousins.

The ignorant misguided bile one hears about America and its leaders is astonishing and a disgrace but is absolutely normal amongst people who consider themselves "educated". At most dinner parties it would be far more acceptable to admit to having just buggered the cat rather than suggest that George W was an intelligent thoughtful man.


You are going to the wrong dinner parties, I fear!

Now I understand the mass exodus of cats from the British Isles.

I spend my time between northern california and merseyside....I know culture when I se it and its not in Liverpool!...our capital of culture.

I'm not anti-USA at all, and personally I feel the intellectual snobbery of some in this country is a little too much. Quite a good piece.
But having just visited his page, it's a pity that Little Green Footballs was a little less selective in his choice of MSM news to believe. For a man who makes out the unreliability of the MSM, why he should suddenly take a newspaper poll at face value such as he did is beyond me.
Sometimes he comes out with some real crap.

In the uber-geek world that I inhabit, I really have to say that I don't run into any problems being American. I visit England, France, Turkey, Germany, and Asia.

The English tell me they let us win, the French do lunch really well and have this thing about chasing women, the Germans work my butt off and are boring, and the Turks only talk about sport or the environment. The Asians are the most relaxed of the bunch.

If all I did was read the papers, I would expect to be tarred and feathered...but actually what I get is not noticed that much. Altho I am a known Right Wing Death Beast, they might just be afraid I'll snap.

Maybe the world of geeks is different.

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