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English Votes

Cameron supports plan to stop Scottish MPs voting - Britain - Times Online

DAVID CAMERON is to lead a campaign to bar MPs with Scottish seats from voting on English legislation in an attempt to thwart Gordon Brown's ambitions of becoming Prime Minister.

The Conservatives are preparing to back a constitutional change that would stop Mr Brown from taking part in votes on Bills relating to English schools, hospitals and a host of other policies.
Mr Clarke told The Observer: “There is no prospect of backing down on some form of English votes for English questions.”

Scottish devolution had left the system “a mess” and voters already recognised that it meant that democracy was not working properly, he said.

“People say that you can’t have a Scottish MP as the United Kingdom Prime Minister when the Government is responsible for all these English matters but not for issues, particularly of health and education, in his home constituency.”

The proposal produced a stinging riposte from Mr Brown, whose allies called it a shallow attempt to “personalise” the Conservatives’ attack on the Chancellor and distract attention from the poor Tory showing in the Bromley and Chislehurst by-election

Better late than never and only a partial answer to the Scottish Raj that swaggers as rulers over us I suppose. But of course now instead of being a measure to restore some democratic accountability it is just being presented as a personal attack on the Jelly-bellied flag flapper. And it shouldn't be. It is a fundamental problem with our democracy and should be treated as such.


Of course there would be no need for any of this if the Westminster Parliament and the Prime Minister concerned themselves with matters that only pertained to the Union as a whole.

But, as we all know, that would mean giving the English their own parliament. And I'm beginning to suspect that Dave is as much a statist control freak as Tony or Gordon and can't bear the thought of giving up the opportunity to interfere in the minutae of English peoples' lives.


On the Today programme, they (naturally) chose to interview SNP leader Alex Salmond over this. His response that Scots should have a view on spending in England because it had implications for Socttish funding was (outrageously, but being BBC not surprisingly) allowed to stand unquestioned. On this basis (that we pay for all the Scots spending plans) surely the Scottish Parliament should be answerable to Westminster?

The Tories are just as devious and unfair as the Scottish Raj.
NuLabour instituted devolution for narrow party reasons. Both the Welsh and the Scotch were given a referendum, and on the narrowest of affirmatives in each case a national assembly/parliament was set up at stupendous cost (The ruling elite like to wallow in taxpayer's money).
Should England settle for a lesser deal than the Scotch?
We all neeed a federal government and national parliaments using the same number of MPs as at Westminster, sitting on national parliaments separately, and Westminster all together. Sack the present Scots and Welsh AMs and MSPs, and let the Scotch and Welsh MPs sit in Cardiff or Edinburgh two days a week, and four days in London with the English MPs on UK matters.
Thus we use the MPs to our advantage. There is the added satisfaction of reducing the obscenely swollen political elite establishment.

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