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Of course I express no opinion as to who I believe...

Tommy Sheridan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tommy Sheridan is a Scottish socialist politician from a well-known family of Irish-Scots Trotskyists from Glasgow.
Born in Glasgow, on March 7, 1964, he attended Roman Catholic schools before attending the University of Stirling, from which he graduated. He was active in the Militant Tendency faction inside the Labour Party, before leaving Labour as a member of Scottish Militant Labour (SML). He was a leading campaigner against the poll tax in Scotland, and was jailed for six months for trying to stop a warrant sale taking place. He has also been jailed twice as a consequence of his activities campaigning against the presence of the nuclear fleet at Faslane Naval Base.
Sheridan fought two elections while in prison. In the Pollok constituency at the 1992 General Election he won one of the best votes for a left candidate for many years, and a few weeks later he won the Pollok ward on Glasgow City Council..

(He was first elected to theScottish Parliament in 1999. Opinion polls consistently recognise Tommy as Scotland's most respected politician.source )

He was the convenor of the SSP from its formation until November 11, 2004 when he resigned, due to 'personal reasons' citing a desire to spend more time with his family.

More time with his family - not according to the News of the World!

Spanking, swinging and a socialist MSP - Britain - Times Online

A LEADING Scottish politician attended a swingers' club and asked to be spanked with red PVC gloves, a court was told yesterday.
Tommy Sheridan, the former leader of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP), was then said to have asked party colleagues to lie about his behaviour by backing his public denial of newspaper allegations against him.

Lawyers for the News of the World said that Mr Sheridan, 42, a member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow, was a "hypocrite" who took part in sex orgies and cheated on his wife.



They'd have to be red PVC gloves. Any other colour would be a bit pervy.

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