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Bill of Rights scrapped

By John Aston, PA
A senior High Court judge today demolished the belief that the 1689 Bill of
Rights outlaws parking charges because they have not been imposed by a court of law.
In a ruling which will dismay a lot of motorists and bring relief to local
authorities, Mr Justice Collins said the belief was "baseless" and "a
The judge said: "The only surprise I have is that this argument has been
produced on a number of occasions and seems to have worried local
authorities and possibly even parking adjudicators.
"All I can say is that they should cease to worry. It is, as I say, a
completely baseless argument."

Bill of Rights Act 1689: :
"That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void".

Apparently he said "the Bill of Rights does not apply to parking as parking tickets are not fines or forfeitures." I'm not sure what they are then but hey who cares our Bill of rights was just a stuffy old document that was holding up progress towards the brave new world Dear Leader has promised us.

As the Metric Martyrs site says:
..this is clearly an establishment decision with a Judge basically saying Parliament can do what it likes. The public will be able to work out for themselves the mendacity and duplicity behind this decision in order to protect the "parking industry " worth 1 billion a year...

This judgment will now open the door for local authorities and Government abuse at every level ... Fines for littering, fines for not putting your bin far enough out into the street, fines for wearing a loud shirt in a public place, fines for failure to recycle... all on the say so of a badge wielding Government appointed jobsworth, without there ever being recourse of reference to a Court of Law...except for the registration of a civil debt. The general public are now living in the real "big brother house".


Like our beloved second ammendment, Your Bill of Rights Act means whatever the individuals on the bench deem it to mean at the moment.Unfortunately, every day presents a new reason to loathe and fear government.

"with a Judge basically saying Parliament can do what it likes."

But this is exactly what parliamentary supremacy means!! That's why it's important (among a lot of other things) to keep a House of Lords with both real power and its members not totally beholden to political parties. Parliamentary Supremacy is the basic law of the British Constitution: that's why there is no legal obstacle to us leaving the EU or joining the US (or anything else for that matter - like imposing parking "fines").

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