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My first question

To Europedirect.glos@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Dear Sirs

I am pleased to see that you are now open and ready to "provide more factual information on the EU".

Obviously you are still moving in and training so I don't want to strain your resources too hard by asking any questions about the EU budget and Audits! So just a quick one.

Bearing in mind I'm not a cobbler, and there are no shoe manufacturers in my area, how exactly does the proposed levy on imported shoes help me?
Why does making it more expensive to keep my children shod mean I should support the EU?

Thank you so much



(I thought Ciao more appropriate than "yours sincerely" -

Definition - ciao (chou)
Used to express greeting or farewell.


[Italian, from dialectal ciau, alteration of Italian (sono vostro) schiavo, (I am your) servant, from Medieval Latin sclavus, slave, servant; see slave.]
Word History: Ciao first appears in English in 1929 in Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms, which is set in northeast Italy during World War I. It is likely that this is where Hemingway learned the word, for ciau in Venetian dialect means "servant, slave," and, as a casual greeting, "I am your servant." Ciau corresponds to standard Italian schiavo; both words come from Medieval Latin sclavus, "slave." A similar development took place with servus, the Classical Latin word for "slave," in southern Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Poland, where servus is used as a casual greeting like ciao.



you might not be a tradesman/company who is affected, but, I'm someone who is running a small crafts trade.

Sure, a chinese kiddie without adequate health and safety protection[1], who doesn't need to pay outrageous amounts of energy costs due to taxes can do things much much cheaper than I ever could.

They do this because they are heavily subsidised by circumstance and backwardness in terms of staff treatment, and because their currency is artifically kept low. A fair exchange is is a very different thing to the dumping that is happening right now, and the EU would do well to impose tariffs on Chinese goods that are produced below European costs due to the gross undervaluing of the Yuan.

[1] He'll go blind from it and probably die at 40ish of lung problems, but his employer won't care. Nor will his customers who saved a bit of money.

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