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Bureaucratic Waste

Others such as Tim W and Mr RM have already commented on this. I was too busy down the barn checking and oiling my stock of piano wire to do so, being prepared for the glorious day when we deal with these scum seemed more important - but if you haven't read it please put anything breakable out of reach first:

EU Referendum reports on the scheme highlighted in the Booker column this week.

A small charity called Intercare, based in Leicester, has for 30 years been putting large quantities of drugs surplus to requirements to use in Africa. Thanks to a nationwide network of volunteers, it collects medicines from GPs, which are rigorously inspected by a team of retired NHS professionals - doctors, nurses and pharmacists - and then supplied to 94 clinics in seven African countries.

This is the sort of initiative that does work. It cuts out the middle-men, by-passes the corruption because no money, no government agencies and no NGOs are involved, and ensures that real aid reaches the people who most desperately need it.

That was the situation, but it was to reckon without the mindless intervention of the bureaucrats of our very own Environment Agency. According to their bizarre interpretation of EU waste rules, they have decided that these life-saving medicines are "waste" and must be buried in landfill rather than put to use in Africa.

The drugs are only sent out, to order, when they are in date and in perfect condition, and the operation is approved by the World Health Organisation. It provides 2.5 million Africans in remote rural areas with access to treatment they could not otherwise afford.

However, not only are these cretins in the Environment Agency seeking to put a stop to this work, they are considering prosecuting Intercare for breach of EU waste rules, and the directors have been summoned to an interview under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

The lamp posts are waiting.....


Erm... I don't think I did. I will if you'd like me to though.

But thanks for the plug :-)


TE Replies - Sorry - well someone else did but through the RCOB I didn't note who - so apologies to the unacknowledged blogger and also to Mr RM

No apology necessary here. I could do with the traffic (oh, the hubris of the newbie blogger!) :-)

It did almost stir me to write something, but then I thought a couple of pictures of girls with guns might appeal more than yet more rantings.


ps I think it was EU-Referendum

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