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A summer campaign

Prescott not fit to press the tit.jpg Telegraph | News | Don't leave Prescott in charge of the country

John Prescott's future looked precarious last night as it emerged that senior ministers were questioning whether he should be left in charge of the country when Tony Blair goes on holiday next month.
They fear that the Deputy Prime Minister will be a lame duck stand-in and a target for tabloid newspapers after he refused yesterday to deny reports of further extra-marital affairs.

Labour MPs and ministers are canvassing the possibility that he should step down as Deputy Prime Minister but remain as the party's deputy leader, at least until the Prime Minister leaves No 10.
Another senior Cabinet minister, probably Margaret Beckett, the Foreign Secretary, or possibly Jack Straw, the Leader of the House, could deputise for Mr Blair over the summer break.

The idea that Rawhide Prescott should be left in charge of the UK and the big red button while Tone and Cherrie swan off on a freebie holiday is too horrific - so time for a campaign methinks - nick the graphic!


Premise seems to be that they do not want a lying, scheming, intemperant fool left in charge.
So, what would be different there then?

A campaign? Will the Brits finally vote out Labour? Will anyone run a "Get Tough on Crime" campaign? I doubt it....

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