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And another answer came..

From:* "Europe Direct"
*Date:* Mon, 10 Jul 2006 16:30:36 +0100

Hello Tim

I am afraid we cannot give you any more help on these questions beyond the information already provided.
The purpose of the levy is to combat unfair trade practices. Like any measure, it is bound to benefit some people more than others. As to whether it means you should support the EU, this is really a matter for individual judgement based on the information available, personal circumstances and attitude to trade and competition regulation. As we are unable to help you any further with these questions, I will forward your email to the European Commission representation in London who will be able to give you further information.

You might also like to raise your concerns about the levy and its effects with your MEP who will be able to raise the isssue in the appropriate forum.

Thank you.

Europe Direct
Gloucester Reference Library
01452 426977

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Thanks for the reply and the background. I wonder if it would be
possible for my original questions to be answered.
> Bearing in mind I'm not a cobbler, and there are no shoe
> manufacturers in my area, how exactly does the proposed levy on
> imported shoes help me?
> Why does making it more expensive to keep my children shod mean I
> should support the EU?

(I would point out that two of my children are teenagers and wear adult
sizes 11 and 13).

Thank you very much.



Socialism never helps anyone but the bureaucrats... Price supports and other forms of market intervention always hurt more people than they help. Agricultural subsidies are my favorite. How many farmers are there these days? So supporting them with higher prices helps me how exactly?

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