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Charlie the Safety Elephant's Plans coming unraveling Pt II

Online passport applications halted - Britain - Times Online

The problems with the online application system, which was begun on May 16 and withdrawn 20 days later, on June 4, are disclosed today in Computer Weekly.
Under the system applicants fill in the form online, pay online and can print out the form at home. They then send the old travel document plus photos to the passport service who issue the travel document.
Staff at the passport office realised that difficulties were preventing them turning round applications as quickly as promised soon after the service was started.
The disclosure that the Siemens Business Services online system was withdrawn after operating for less than three weeks is a serious embarrassment to the Home Office.
The Prime Minister and John Reid, the Home Secretary, have praised the Passport Agency as an area of government with high levels of customer satisfaction.
The agency is also the organisation that is to develop the identity card scheme, which will involve issuing tens of millions of cards to British citizens.

More Giggles! And of course you too can help them out - join the campaign!

renew for freedom - SUMMER 2006 - renew your passport

Why you should renew your passport.
The Identity Cards Act 2006 turns your passport into a one-way ticket to control of your identity by the government. It means lifelong surveillance, and untold bureaucracy. This website, produced by the NO2ID campaign, is about how you can renew your passport and avoid being forced to register on the ID scheme database.
Please renew your passport this summer.
You can apply to renew your passport online right now at the UK Passport Service website [use the 'Launch online application form in a new browser window' link]


It's good to see the Government using the Internet to try and save some effort, and hence money, by reducing the amount of data entry typing and checking by their staff (by passing that effort to applicants).

Let's hope that the various problems with the system are soon solved.

However, as the fee for passport issue is supposed to be the cost of said issue, there surely should be a lower fee for those who apply on-line, compared to those who do not.

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