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Why Anti Dumping is good for you

Your query to the Europe Direct centre in Gloucester has been forwarded to

In answer to your first point, the measures introduced by the EU are to
counter anti-competitive practices by the two states concerned, which have
been found to be harming EU shoe manufacturers. The EU is a customs union
and operates a common commercial policy, under which it acts in the
interests of any manufacturing sector (whilst also taking fully into account
those of importers, retailers and consumers) threatened by unfair subsidies
or practices, wherever they are located within the EU. In this case the
industry is concentrated in the southern part of the EU, in another case it
could be a sector of industry concentrated in the northern EU states - with
a significant concentration of manufacturers, perhaps, in your region). The
aim of the EU measures is not to penalise the imported products by making
them more expensive than their EU-produced equivalents, but to remove any
illegal subsidy that they have enjoyed (in many cases this still means that
the imported footwear remains at a significantly lower price). Only about 9%
of the shoes sold in the EU are affected by the additional duty .

Regarding your second point, the perceived benefits of the EU are a matter
for each individual. However, there are plenty of examples of EU
intervention that are beneficial to consumers, environmental protection,
anti-cartel policing, the free movement of individuals and businesses
throughout the Single Market as well as collaboration to deter crime and

Best regards
Jeffrey Lamb

Research Assistant
Representation of the European Commission in the UK

Looking for local sources of information on the EU? http://www.europe.org.uk


So, let me get this straight. Somewhere out east there is a factory filled with busy little orientals happily making shoes for my big western feet at a fraction of the cost that any european can do it.

But not only are these eastern versions of Santa's little helpers going about their work much more efficiently than anyone else, but their government is further subsidising their efforts with their own people's tax money. All so that I can adorn my size nine tootsies with inexpensive footwear.

And the cretins in Brussels think this is a bad thing? Time to make like the big mouse and flee the leaking dinghy methinks, for surely the eu: she is fucked.

This is completely the opposite of free trade and stinks of protectionism which is really what the EU is all about.
As for the perceived benefits for the individual they are laughable.
Environmental benefits? Taxing airlines so they have to pass the costs on to the passengers is a negative not a benefit.
Anti cartel policing? So shouldn't this affect the EU itself? Who's going to arrest them?
Free movement of individuals? Yeah right every one comes to the UK especially immigrants illegal or otherwise.
Free movement of businesses? Don't make me laugh. Just try setting a business up in Italy. You can't it's not allowed. In France and Germany it not only takes longer but costs many times more to set up and that's not forgetting the restrictive working practices.
EU - No thanks and it's time to tell them to get lost

Interesting they take such an anti-subsidy attitude there. CAP anyone?

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