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They are Ginger and from Wales - what's not to like?

Ginger Welsh Porkers.gif
We only manged to catch five of the little rascals but they are happily at home now - still looking for names - with their snouts in the trough I'm sure they remind me of someone; Neil, Glynis - they are good Welsh names. There is a runty one I think is going to be called Levy, a fat bullying one - John and that leaves one other girl - maybe Rosie?


She may be a bit young for Rosie activities. Cherie?

Welsh natives with a penchant for getting their snout in the trough? How about:

David, Anyren and Neil for the boys, and Glynis and Mefanwie for the girls?

I don't think there was ever a Mefanwie who graced the green benches of Westminster but it's the only Welsh girl's name I could come up with.


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