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You can't trust Cameron

EU Referendum

Tories MPs are being summonsed this morning to hear their leader renege on his promise to withdraw the Conservatives from the EPP group, his one and only specific promise made during his bid for the leadership of the Party.
Looking at the broader picture, with Cameron having already ditched the pledge to withdraw from the CFP, pulling his party out of the EPP was the one issue to which the Eurosceptic wing of the Tory Party was able to cling, in order to convince themselves that the Boy had any Eurosceptic tendencies. This has now been shot to pieces and nothing left of the Tory policy suggests anything other than a Heathite, pro-EU policy. His u-turn signals that he has no intention whatsoever of wooing the Eurospectic vote.
Possibly most damaging of all for the Boy, however, is the loss of trust. Although in the grander scheme of things, the EPP was a minor issue, for him to break his one "bankable" promise made to secure his leadership victory proves that his word is valueless. From now on, the grumblings in his Party, not least over his latest "hug a hoodie" lunacy, may be more difficult to contain.

And the Tory party is still only just ahead of Labour in the polls - if he can't trounce this enfeebled ragbag of smug sleazy shits there is something very wrong, and maybe a little bit of it is people like me hesitate over supporting him.


Agree with you entirely. Just about every time he opens his mouth I cringe. If the Tories under him carry on like this I will be tempted to stand as an independent in a marginal.

Dave is not only an MP, his only "real" job, if you can call it that, was in PR. He lies - it's his profession. Even so it's sad to have my worst fears confirmed. And you're so right - if even against this government of sleazeballs the Tories can just about manage a 2% lead Dave is a total failure there too. This is, remember "constructive opposition". Mind you, there are still 3+ years before the next general election so maybe we can shovel this Tory sh*t leader out before dealing with the NuLabour pile.

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