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Scots welsh on English deal

Waking Hereward

Yesterday, Geoffrey Cox, Tory MP for Torridge and West Devon stood up in the House and asked Snake-oil Blair a question..about a tender for a Scottish Fisheries Protection boat won by a local firm. Apparently, Appledore’s, a shipyard in his SW constituency had originally won the contract fair & square from the Scottish Executive.

And then, all of a sudden, they lost it. Just like that.

Thanks to Scottish Executive Environmental Minister, Ross Finnie, the contract was withdrawn from Appledore the same day as it was awarded – and eventually re-awarded to Ferguson’s shipyard in Port Glasgow who were incidentally one of the original tendering companies who failed first time round.

Even though strict EU rules state that the Scottish Executive should select the cheapest quote. Even though Appledore of SW England were the cheapest. Even though they were awarded the contract – it was still withdrawn after Finnie sort of cried "foul" - and given to a Scottish yard.

Consequently, Appledore are in it right up to their necks. Workers have been laid off – their yard is empty. They are currently suing the Scottish Executive for £10 million.

Narrow minded parochial protectionism? No of course not...


And Finnie is allegedly a mate of the director of the Scottish firm and the fact that the local council is a struggling LibDem one had nothing to do with his decision, no siree....!

LibDems - my soul for a Mondeo and bugger principles!

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