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Kennet Council's Rubbish

A small insight into the green and pleasant land we now live in:

This New System Is Simply Rubbish (from This Is Wiltshire)

FURIOUS mother-of-five Fiona Cox has expressed her despair at only being given one wheelie bin for a fortnight's household refuse.
She said: "When I alerted the council to the problem, I was told if I tried using terry cloth nappies and bought milk in glass bottles then I could recycle the excess waste. That way the bin would not get so full.
"Why should we pay the extra cost for things like that when we already pay council tax to provide such services? I feel we have been penalised for having a big family."
Mrs Cox and several of her neighbours are worried that rubbish will start piling up.
She said: "There are maggots in the bottom of our bin as rubbish has been sitting there for two weeks and there is too much of it." Mrs Cox and her husband have five children under the age of ten as well as a housekeeper Lata Mudiyanselage. In two weeks she said they would produce eight bags of rubbish, and she alerted the council to this...
She said to qualify for a second bin, she will have to wait a month and then have her rubbish inspected. She said: "They said they will assess the bin and make sure nothing can be recycled but I don't want my rubbish laid out."

Neighbour Alison Giles, 70, said: "My greenhouse was packed with rubbish and I am due to have knee surgery soon, so I will not be able to drive to the recycling centre to get rid of rubbish. This scheme will affect old people, people who can't drive and those with children."

Kennet leader Chris Humphries said: "Large families will not suffer. They will get the extra facilities they need for their rubbish."

The land of the rubbish inspectors where the council decides on the correct way for you to live.

I am sure in a few years time there will be a variety of private firms offering private house rubbish collections - people will just ignore the council and be prepared to pay extra for a simple non-discriminatory collection when and how they want.)


Normally the Mafia takes control of garbage disposal and the Union, but I doubt they considered adding "inspectors" to the detail, that's very clever!

Tylees court. So we have broken bags that could have been done by RATS. The smell is unbearable and the mess just as bad.

I dont care if its the unions ,council or mafia....JUST GET THE RUBBISH CLEARED.

I have mentioned it to the Herald. GET MOVING this health hazard.

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