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Off out today

I have been lucky enough to be invited to a day of simulated game shooting today - last time I went I just failed to use 500 carts as I left four in the bottom of the bag - I'm taking more today and am leaving now for a gentleman's full English breakfast beforehand. I'll be basing my technique on this - hattip Mr FM:


Oh, I want an Extrema2...

Maybe I should put one on my wish list?

Hope you have a fun day :)

I agree with Misty. Great video. Mind...I've finished 'playing' with arms now (focus on my final year at university). I never got round to game shooting; my TA unit primarily offered range weekends and encouraged us to compete pushinglight-machine guns round a field.

Don't forget to check your bag this time! (Did that once on an simultated ambush - could have used the extra 'noise-power')

Miss H

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