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Spitting in the face of your friends

EU butter import suspension

The dairy giant, Fonterra, says a decision by the European Commission to suspend all New Zealand butter imports to the European Union is extraordinary.

EU Referendum

Significantly, throughout the war and the very worst of the U-boat campaign, Germany never managed to sever our trading links with New Zealand but now, sixty years later without even firing a shot, it has achieved that, courtesy of the European Union.

Back then, of course, our trading links - and our more general relations - with the Commonwealth really mattered. But, despite this serious blow to the New Zealand economy, and not a squawk of protest from the British government, and no mention of this in our media.

How things change.

Of all the many things our politicians make me ashamed of, the way we have treated our true friends around the world is one of the worst.

My father was proud to wear a fern leaf and so should all of us be:

Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry

In 1941 the regiment was re-roled as an armoured regiment in 9 Armoured Brigade under the command of 2 New Zealand Division. In recognition of that close association, The Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (PWO) continues to wear the 'fern leaf' flash on their Blue Patrols to this day.
At EI Alamein The Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (PWO) had the honour of being the first British tank regiment to engage the enemy.


I havent read anything about this
this means I can no longerbuy anchor butter?

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