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Good fences make good neighbours

Scotsman.com News - Politics - A third of English want split from Scotland

A THIRD of English people want to be independent from Scotland, according to a new poll.
The ICM poll found 31 per cent of people south of the Border wanted to split up the UK, with 60 per cent keen to keep the Union with Scotland intact and 9 per cent saying they did not know.
With support for Scottish independence also enjoying the backing of about a third of the population, the survey does show that levels of support for independence are roughly the same north and south of the Border. ..
The result of the poll, for a Sunday newspaper, was welcomed by Scottish nationalists. Alex Salmond, the SNP leader, said: "It's time both countries were self-governing, having responsibility for their own resources and passing their own laws while working together in a new partnership of equals."

He added: "Gone will be a surly lodger, and in its place a new and very friendly neighbour.

I couldn't see whether the poll asked if the English wanted their own democratic parliament within a United Kingdom, in other words equality with Scotland rather than full independence - I'm sure if this third option had been put it would have had overwhelming support.


The SNP are the ones who are causing all the kerfuffle by constantly whinging about the English or blaming everyone but their fat idle welfare scrounging voters. Now that the English are seeing all this they are getting fed up of subsidising the Scots and wanting them reined in. Well done the SNP - you shower of bastards. They've done bugger all for Scotland but run her down in the eyes of everyone else, so desperate are they yet even after devolution etc they still only have a third in favour of independence? And if there was a referendum and the real cost of splitting from the UK was shown to people I doubt if the SNP would get above 20% in favour! The latest survey shows 48% of Nationalists are Anglophobic: how come they aren't treated in the same way as the BNP, namely with the contempt they deserve? They DO NOT speak for Scotland!

In reply to Dave T:
The SNP blaming the English? NONSENSE!
Get your facts right. Give me ONE example. The SNP are a moderate social democratic party. They are not racists. And support for independence is not "a third", it's currently 51%!!!

If there is Anti-English sentiment in Scotland, it's down to people like YOU spouting garbage!
Scotland's political destiny is nothing to do with England. You dont OWN us. Grow up, for God's sake.

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