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Beware of the thoughtcrime directive

In just over three years time it will be illegal for you to ask your co-worker to pass a six inch nail, or for Sport Relief to use the slogan "Making the world miles better", for the Prime Minister to promote Sports Relief by running a mile or even for Mr FM to share his recipe for Damson Gin - For an insight into this thoughtcrime world see this:

NIST Metric Information and Conversions: Report on Meeting with European Union March 2005

The Metric Directive is intended to require metric units of measurement to be used in all aspects of life in the European Union. The use of a uniform system of measurement units is considered essential for the purposes of public health, safety, and trade. The Directive is not a labeling directive; rather it applies to all expressions of measurement units wherever they are used in the European Union.

The directive comes into force on January 1, 2010

Questions and Answers:

15. Does the requirement for SI only units extend to sales catalogs, blueprints, e-commerce and Internet sites, advertisements, brochures and user manuals and instructions?

The Directive applies to all catalogs, blueprints, e-commerce and Internet sites, advertisements, brochures and user manuals and instructions that target only the EU. If they are clearly intended for the international market (i.e., including non-metric countries), then inch-pound units will be accepted in the text of the language for the non-metric countries.

16. Do the requirements for SI only units apply to magazines and books?


17. Do the requirements apply to internal business operations, processes, formulations, etc.?


So any mention of feet or pounds will be a doubleplus ungood crime.

Hattip BWMA/British Weights and Measures Association


I'm damn glad we never officially adopted that proto-Socialist Metric crap, not much anyhow.

Will it still be legal for me to offer to slip a lady a "length"?

Anyone founding an "Imperial Resistance" movement? Secret operatives creeping out after dark to de-metricate street signs and hoardings?

I'd join.


Presumably this will also mean speedo's in cars will have to be KPH only - as nobody in this country understands these foreign measurments, how will that improve safety?

The rest of the world (except the USA) never seemed to have any trouble converting, why can't we? Instead of 'officially adopting' what your commenter calls 'that proto-Socialist metric crap' we now have an unholy mix of measurements, where our children are taught metric in school but have to use Imperial at home. What happens if you go abroad - can't you understand the weights and measures they use there?
Roll on metrication, I say. And yes, we will have speedometers in km/h (not 'kph'). Provided you keep the needle on your speedometer at or below the number on the speed limit sign, what does it matter that it's now kilometres instead of miles?

i say bring back foolscap - it's self evidently superior to all this A4 crap. And while we're about it, what about the shilling? There are standards you know!

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