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Rural rich 'have more child cancers' - Britain - Times Online

CHILDREN from well-off families who grow up in less densely populated environments — such as big houses in the country — are at higher risk of childhood cancers, research suggests.
It is believed widely that many childhood cancers are triggered by a cell mutation developed before birth, followed by an infection in infancy. It is thought that this prompts an abnormal immune response that causes the disease. Scientists from the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (Comare) said that trends of cancer clusters supported this hypothesis. They said that children brought up in too clean an environment either developed impaired immune systems — or, alternatively, “urban” viruses could be finding their way into rural populations, causing the genetic damage that leads to cancer.

In crowded places more people are likely to be exposed to the viruses and become immune to them, according to the theory. An influx of city-dwellers into an isolated community might spread the viruses to individuals who are not resistant to them.

“If you’re wealthy you tend to live in a big house with more land and have contact with fewer people. It’s theoretically believable that if there is a viral component you have less chance of coming across that virus.”

So it is probably all right for the Englishettes to mix with the villagers' children but I should not allow the SUV driving yummy mummies across the drawbridge...

This explanation of cancer clusters is also probably the reason there are clusters around Windscale and other nuclear plants, large numbers of people from all over the place arrived to live in these remote areas, rather than the Tritium that they sloshed all over the landscape.


Fan-co2-tastic.... a whole new market for us to trade!

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