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Sexy Ladies for your Aural Pleasure

I'm surprised Kim with his fine musical ear and his discerning taste in pulchritude hasn't done one of these top tens before so to get the ball rolling - I'm looking for your lists - here is my top ten women who sound sexy. This isn't about singers who are lustbuckets - note Jessica Simpson doesn't make the list, or women who are fine singers - none of the classical singers seem to quite deliver that toe curling horniness. And surprisingly a fine couple of my favourite female singers fail the test as well - k d lang and Michelle Shocked - I wonder if them being lesbians has an influence - maybe if they were naked wrestling in a paddling pool of jelly( (c) Mr NBC ) they might be more interesting. Billie Holliday, Aretha Franklin - wonderful, but not quite there..

My quick list:

1 Susanna Hoffs
2 Chrissie Hynde
3 Diana Ross
4 Debbie Harry
5 Olivia Newton-John
6 Whitney Houston
7 Bic Runga
8 Nina Simone
9 Suzi Quatro
10 Marc Bolan

What's yours?


Marc Bolan? Dude, get your prescription checked.

Bolan LOL.

I'm going to have to give this some careful consideration. I think I know what your after. You want to put your finger on a certain je ne sais quoi.

Whitney though? 20 years ago when she was an ingenue poppet, like this, but not now, not with all that drug stuff

For anyone who likes 30s jazz, there was Lee Wiley. Yum.

TE adds : Thanks for the tip - just downloaded some of her stuff from Napster - great.

Allanah miles
"black velvet" 1990

Sade tops my list.
Her concert vids are stunning.

TE: Oh how could I miss her off!

Katherine Jenkins - visited the lads in Basra last Crimbo...Jeez what a pair of lungs and how did she manage to make a flak jacket in a WARRIOR look sexy...!

Kay Starr,

A 50's jazz songstress whose voice always turns my knees to jelly. She was quite a looker too.


Singing; Etta James, Talking; Suzanne Pleshette

You're obviously a mere youth, otherwise you wouldn't have missed the epitome of seductive songstresses - Julie London

Dusty Springfield - Son of a preacher man

Omara Portuondo from Buena Vista can not be out of any top 10. And Cat Power must be close

Mr. Englishman,

I assume you mean: look AND sound sexy?

"No just going on the sound only."

Oh. Well, I think it's more challenging to find songstresses who look AND sound sexy. Etta James sounds wonderful, but eecccchhhhh. Lita Ford looks wonderful, but eecccchhhhh.

Balance, dear boy. One needs balance.

I shall ponder the matter, and respond on, say, Wednesday.

Sade, certainly - my enduring memory of Live Aid is her backless top. And she could sing.

Chrissie Hynde, "a snotty, arrogant turn-on"

If you want women who SOUND sexy, ignoring looks altogether ...

Maria Muldaur
Nelly Furtado - a Maria Muldaur for the Noughties. It's that little break in the voice ...

Peggy Lee ... all those 50s Jazz greats - even Doris Day singing 'You're My Thrill'.

I listened to the Radio 3 Jazz awards t'other week and heard Stacey Kent sing "I got lost in his arms". Pure jazz viagra.


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