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Now here's an unexpected turn up for the books.

BBC NEWS | England | London | Dome 'led super-casino shortlist'

The Millennium Dome in south-east London topped a shortlist of possible venues for the UK's first Las Vegas style "super-casino", it has emerged.

I wonder what the odds of that happening were?


What's been puzzling me is why all the fuss. Why don't they just do what other businesses do, lease a building, open up, and if they've chosen the right place thrive, else wither and die

As they say in Real-estate, location, location, location. Another foundation of success can include a name. Want to drink a cup of Raoul's Hedgetrimmings, or Tea? The wither-and-die bit is for the "punters" I think, if you can cover that spread you're down the stretch with the House. ;-)

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