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Scoundrels wrapping themselves in our flag

BBC NEWS | Politics | National flags ban to be lifted

Outdated laws banning the flying of national flags are to be scrapped.
Currently it is illegal to fly a national flag without permission from a local council - unless it is flown from a vertical flagpole.
The rule means thousands of football fans were technically breaking the law during the World Cup by displaying the Cross of St George. ..
"The regulations on flags are currently woefully out-of-date and far too bureaucratic," said Ms Cooper. "It is ridiculous that someone could be prosecuted for displaying their national flag."

Hurrah we should all say - shouldn't we? No! this is the sneaky and well handled way they are going to allow the yellow starred rag to fly, after the embarrassments they have had in seeing it hauled down as being in breach of planning - see Neil Herron passim.

The rule changes will allow national flags to be flown without permission however they are displayed. It will also apply to international flags, such as the EU, UN or commonwealth flags.

Back in November they held a consultation on this: See An Englishman's Castle: EU Flag - get consulted, and I certainly let them know my views.
How do I do a FOI request to see what the public actually thought?

More at EU Referendum


could be a red rag to a bull

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