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Safe in their hands?

Dying woman, 91, 'begged for cup of tea' - Britain - Times Online

A FAMILY who claimed their elderly mother endured a terrifying death after being deliberately starved by a hospital doctor put their case before a coroner yesterday.
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital allegedly decided that Olive Knockels, a former school matron who had suffered a stroke, would have no quality of life if she recovered. ..
In a statement to William Armstrong, the coroner, Mrs West said her mother had begged her for something to eat and drink, or a cup of tea, but the request was refused by a nurse, on the doctor’s orders. Her last days were spent with her false teeth and hearing aid removed from her bedside, in a cold hospital room.

She was admitted on September 14, 2003, after a suspected stroke.After two weeks Dr Maisey allegedly told Mrs West that he was surprised her mother was still alive and said that if the family intervened, he would have them arrested.

Mrs West said that on another visit her mother had looked terrified and had tried, unsuccessfully, to tell her something. Three days later she pleaded with her daughter: “Help. Help me please.”
In a statement, Christopher West said: “I told Dr Maisey: ‘I wouldn’t treat my dog like that’, and he said it was easier for vets because they . . . can put animals to sleep.”

Obviously this is only an allegation in an ongoing case so I can make no judgement - publically....


have m charges been brought?

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