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Watching what you eat.

Telegraph | News | Blair ready to use law in drive for a healthier population

Tony Blair is willing to use the law to encourage people to adopt a healthier way of life by curbing junk food advertising and requiring supermarkets to improve labelling.
The Prime Minister said that successful anti-smoking campaigns and the drive to make school meals more healthy had changed his mind on the role of the state.

"A few years back, I would have hesitated long and hard over issues like the smoking ban," he said .

Only because he wasn't sure whether he would win the vote, but he then produced an onion from his pocket and turned to the page labelled "It's for the kiddies (tm)"

"Now, and particularly where children are concerned, I have come to the conclusion we need to be tougher and more active in setting standards and enforcing them."

Hey for a lame duck "tougher" and "more active" are the words I have been told to use about everything in the hope they make me look butch.

Mr Blair said the NHS faced crippling costs unless people took more responsibility for their health.

Oh Good, encourage personal responsibility - or maybe not.

"Ten per cent of NHS resources are used to treat diabetes. By 2010 the estimate is that this could double. That is 20 per cent of the entire resources of the NHS - and it's avoidable. Three quarters of diabetics are Type 2 diabetics and two thirds of them have a disease which could be preventable with exercise, diet and more healthy choices."

A "more robust" approach to health would not mean that the NHS refused to treat people who continued to smoke, even though it spent £1.7 billion treating conditions related to smoking. But health care should not be just about treating the sick; it must be about helping people to live healthier lives.

Oh so not personal responsibility at all, but personalised bullying plans and targets to be drawn up.

Andrew Lansley, the shadow health secretary said: "In January, David Cameron set out Conservative priorities for health. I am glad that Tony Blair accepts our argument.

No surprise there from the nuTories...

So along with the Boy Miliband's ration cards for carbon expect an electronic record to be kept of the sweeties you buy and a visit from Big Doctor if the national ID register notes you are over limit for Sherbet Lemons in a month.


Ever since Eve dropped her first sprog, parents have been battling with varying degrees of success to get kids to eat their vegetables.

Can The Great Leader please tell us exactly how he and a bunch of pecksnits are going to be more successful than umpteen generations of mothers?

Sweet flippin Ada! The guy's gone barmy. He has emigrated from the Kingdom of Common Sense and taken up residence in Barking Moonbatia.

Stringing him up from a lamppost would be an act of mercy.

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