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In the land of Canaa

A commentator brings me to book for failing to mention the Levantine war - I plead guilty. I don't think I have insight or anything interesting to say - but that never stops you I hear you say. I think in common with most of us on these islands we just don't really care. If the Jews want to do a bit of vermin clearance, well good for them; but also deep down there is an ancestral distrust of the troublesome settlers in the old British Protectorate.
So let me pass you over to the man in Lycra instead:
Blognor Regis: No to cease fires

And as an aside my main worry is what is happening to the vineyards that supply Serge Hochar with the grapes for the wonderful Chateau Musar wines, if this year's harvest is disrupted then that would be a disaster.


The IDF are fighting our war now. If Israel falters, a triumph for the looneys running Iran will be the end result and it will be 1939 all over again

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