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Junk thoughts

Telegraph | Money | Floodgates open for junk mail

Junk mail deliveries are set to mushroom after a landmark pay and conditions deal between Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union. The agreement sees postmen accepting heavier sacks as the price for better wages....
Junk mail deliveries have until now been limited to three items per house per week but managers wants to expand in this profitable area, which has become the fastestgrowing part of its business.

Last year Royal Mail's unaddressed mail deliveries, branded Door to Door, grew by 12.1pc to 3.3bn items

Isn't there some EU directive that businesses have to take back their old goods? Does this mean that I can get Postie to pick up all the crap he leaves rather than filling my over- regulated Kennet bin?


I've taken to removing my name from my junk mail and putting it all back in whatever prepaid envelopes they have supplied, I occasionally scrawl a few profanities on it and add whatever breakfast left-overs are knocking around, soggy cornflakes, bacon rind etc. and posting it back to them.

I now am a junk mail fan. I actually look forward to getting some.

Always ALWAYS send the junk back to the sender especially if there's a reply-paid envelope. Failing this, sending to the Royal Mail undelivered mail department is always a good alternative. Frankly, I think that redirecting the mail to the chief executive or chairman of Royal Mail at their personal addresses (Companies House will provide these) would be even more effective.

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