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My Dogs like to crack the marrow out of the bones of Jehovah's Winesses

In the doghouse, the pensioner told to remove 'offensive' sign - Britain - Times Online

FOR 32 years it prompted little more than a wry smile. But now a pensioner who has a sign on her garden gate warning Jehovah’s Witnesses that their presence could result in them being eaten by dogs has been ordered to take it down.

Hampshire police received a complaint that the notice outside Jean Grove’s cottage, which reads “Our dogs are fed on Jehovah’s Witnesses”, was “distressing, offensive and inappropriate”. When officers arrived at the house in Bursledon, near Southampton, Mrs Grove was bewildered. She has only a Jack Russell puppy. She told police that the sign had been put up by her late husband Gordon after he became exasperated with visits from the church. The final straw came when they called on Christmas Day in 1974.
Insisting that the sign was simply a lark, Mrs Grove said yesterday that she had never received any complaints about it. But police ordered her to take it down and her details were taken. Once the officers left she hung the sign back up.

I think I will have the headline made up into a sign to hang on my front door, and see what happens..


Where do they find the time? It's not as if there are not more important (and demanding) things for them do to do. The last decade has been like a rerun of the 1970s except this time it's not the economy but everything else in our society which has been in turned upside down.

Pensioners are much easier to arrest than male criminals.

Real criminals resist. Keystone cop may get hurt.

Posted by: MarkS at July 28, 2006 8:09 AM

Assuming this notice is on private land, what grounds do the police have for making this attack on the woman's freedom? Who decides what is and isn't inappropriate? Lately I've noticed that more and more public bodies use the term "inappropriate" when they can't quite put a legal finger on something that offends their left-wing sensibilities. How much longer before they force entry to our homes and rifle through our bookshelves and remove books that they deem "inappropriate"? When will they begin to scan our minds for inappropriate thoughts or political affiliations? Ladies and gentlemen... the nightmare has begun.

I wonder if anyone's going to ask me to take down my 'My dog is fed on Sales Reps, and Politicians' sign...?

"... her details were taken"

anybody know what exactly is then done with these details?

I find that phrase rather chilling.

The solution to this outrageous intrusion is quite simple,if very demanding oF Mrs Grove: simply continue to display the sign and when - if the authorities are bold enough - simply plead 'not guilty' and force a trial...

Does anyone in this country actually think that she would be convicted?

No, nor do I, but then again, don't the 'authorities' rely on the acquiesence (I would actually substitute the word bullying) of people like Mrs Grove, in order to enforce their world view, one which is legally - what a misnomer - reinfored by the weight of public money.

Mother of the free? Does anyone - other than the council gauleiters - think so any more? No, I didn't think so either.

"... her details were taken"

anybody know what exactly is then done with these details?

They were run put on a database back at the station and 'local intelligence' files as well as the PNC were searched in the hope of uncovering any previous misdemeanor. It's called covering your ass in case of a complaint to the "independent" (yeah, right!) police complaints commission.....
And of course now she has a 'record' the almighty state can monitor another potential dissident more easily.....

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