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The most fun one could have with a dead fish

Town told to drop the dead fish contest - Britain - Times Online

THERE was outrage and sadness in a Dorset fishing town yesterday as locals mourned the death of a cherished tradition, killed off after complaints from animal rights activists.
Since time immemorial, or at least since 1974, the denizens of Lyme Regis have gathered on the harbour to indulge in the traditional sport of the conger: a game of skill and balance involving a dead eel.
In the annual finale to the town’s Lifeboat Week, nine players or “conger cuddlers”, would mount wooden blocks arrayed in a triangular formation. An opposing team of nine would take turns to swing a dead conger, suspended from a rope, and try to knock their opponents from their perches as if they were human skittles, the crowd assisting with carefully aimed buckets of sea water.

It was, by common consent, the most fun one could have with a dead fish.

Teams of firemen, powerboat racers, fishermen — all were preparing to take their chances against the swinging eel in a tournament that raises about £3,000 for the RNLI. This year, however, an anonymous animal rights activist has scuppered the event after writing to the RNLI, complaining that the event was “disrespectful” to dead animals and threatening to film it and use the footage for a nationwide campaign against conger cuddling.

Rob Michael, chairman of the Lyme Regis Lifeboat Guild, was advised by the RNLI to abandon the conger cuddling. “The RNLI is not prepared to be involved in an event that may be seen by some as a barbaric throwback,” he said.

Give me barbaric throwbacks rather than simpering aquiescence to the politically correct anyday. Shame on the RNLI.


One complaint? That's outrageous. Why not put the activist in place of the eel?

Or if he objects, take him out past the three mile limit and invite him to "swim with the fishes"

Even better idea , tell the tree hugger to get stuffed and replace the dead eel with a live one, that would also liven it up for those taking part.

At the annual Fisherman's Fun Day in Portscatho, Cornwall, one of the competitive events involves a rope which must be passed through the shirt at the neck, down and out through the trouser leg, and then through the clothes of the next team member.

Not too difficult - except that attached to the rope are a number of large, month-old, dead and extremely smelly ling.

Other fish-related stuff, too.


I think I'll take a picture of a
£10 note, and send it to the RNLI with a letter advising them that this is the contribution I would have made, if they'd only told the animal activist involved to go f**k themselves, and then put that response in their press release.....

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