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Deconstructing schooling

Schools told it's no longer necessary to teach right from wrong - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

SCHOOLS would no longer be required to teach children the difference between right and wrong under plans to revise the core aims of the National Curriculum.
Instead, under a new wording that reflects a world of relative rather than absolute values, teachers would be asked to encourage pupils to develop “secure values and beliefs”.
The draft also purges references to promoting leadership skills and deletes the requirement to teach children about Britain’s cultural heritage.

Whilst the real world has moved on and rejected most of the nonsense that Jacques Derrida and the rest of the French "philosophers" peddled to the drug addled students in the 1970s it is almost touching to see that the Tony Blair generation still clings to their threadbare theories as they rise to the top of the establishment. Of course it is only the children who suffer, but hey, when has the purpose of the DofE been to help children?


Not in my class! They know right from wrong and will continue to be taught as such. Bloody unions...full of wimps who served a wee while decades ago at the chalkface and fled to the safety of a union expense account rather than face the little darlings!

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