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Putting the record straight

Having mentioned in passing the allegations in several papers that Ms Sarah Bissett Scott had been another Prescott Mistresss I am happy to put the record straight:

Press Complaints Commission >> News & Features


Ms Sarah Bissett Scott of Hertfordshire complained that articles in several newspapers including the Daily Mail describing an alleged relationship between her and John Prescott were inaccurate in a large number of respects and used misleading terminology. She also said that some articles had misquoted her.


The matter was resolved when the newspaper noted the complainant's position as being: that there was no affair between her and Mr Prescott, that she was never his mistress, and she has neither taken nor been offered any advantage for herself, her professional or political standing nor for her business in this matter; and that reports that she “claimed to have had an affair with Mr Prescott” are untrue. The newspapers agreed to place a warning on their internal databases to the effect that a complaint to the PCC had been made and that details of the complaint could be found in the legal department, managing editor’s office or elsewhere.

So where does this put this report - did the Mirror just make it all up?

JOHN Prescott had a SECOND secret mistress. Former Labour Parliamentary candidate Sarah Bissett-Scott, 57, said she had a two-year fling with Prescott and believed she was just one of a string of torrid affairs.
She has spoken exclusively to the Sunday Mirror and branded the Deputy Prime Minister a hypocrite for presenting himself as happily married.
"I was totally bowled over by him. He did all the running but I loved him and I think he loved me too," she said. "Looking back I was totally foolish and very naive but he is a very charismatic and persuasive man.
"It started at a Labour Party Conference but I want to stress he did all the running. There was a mutual attraction.
"Many women were flirting with him. People find it difficult to believe, but he is very charismatic and attractive.
"I was new to politics and he was so enthusiastic. He might be fat and ugly now, but when I knew him was a very attractive man. Naively I thought his wife lived in the North and he lived in London. I was very stupid. He led me to believe he was leading separate lives from his wife Pauline. But why pick on me? I assume there were many other lovers."....

UPDATE - The Mirror along with the other papers goes along with the PPC resolution so it looks like it was all just made up.


See also, resolution of complaint about Sunday mirror at http://www.pcc.org.uk/case/resolved.html?article=NDAzMQ== Check the list of other papers with this resolution at PCC Cases Resolved page.

Belfast Telegraph are also taking this action on their article of 30 July, linked to Iain Dale's blog.

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