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Phew, what a scorcher!

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Last month was hottest since UK records began

The average night and day temperature for the UK in July of 17.8C (64.04F) made it the hottest month since such records began in 1914, according to provisional figures from the Met Office yesterday

Um - weren't we being told it was the hottest since 1911 just a week a go - these "records" that are being broken seem to be curiously variable. The Victorians were great recorders of everything and yet the Met Office doesn't seem to be able to use their records, though a series from 1659 is available from their website and for an excellent overview see http://homepage.ntlworld.com/booty.weather/climate/wxevents.htm


Those were my thoughts as they reported on radio that it was the hottest July since records started in 1914. I am sure I have heard radio prgrammes before (usually about climate change) citing umpteen weather recorders (amateur and otherwise) going back to the 19th, 18th and if my memory serves me right 17th centuries. I seem to recall a programme recently citing the efficacy of records kept by mariners as well.

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