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Buff Hoon's latest idea

Lessons on the EU 'should be part of school curriculum' - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

CHILDREN will be required to learn more about the benefits of the European Union under plans to improve its image and standing in Britain.
Geoff Hoon, the Minister for Europe, has written to Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, calling for a boost in EU lessons in the national curriculum, The Times has learnt. Mr Hoon said that he was concerned that children were indifferent to the EU because they were not taught about benefits such as free trade and cheap travel. He said: “There is a kind of grudging acceptance that we are members [of the EU] but without anyone understanding what it does or what it means.
“We have got to make what goes on in Europe come alive. It is about trying to explain what it does and what it means in terms of practical consequences.
“ I certainly think that that should be part of the national curriculum,...

So the benefits are "free trade" and "cheap travel" - I'm not sure a protectionist tariff-slapping import-blocking food-dumping club can be said to provide "free trade" - unless it is to be used as a cautionary tale, and "cheap travel", who recently caused airflights to increase in price by implementing daft rules....
And doesn't it just show the shoddiness of the whole enterprise when Buffers isn't prepared to claim the EU is about "peace and security" or some other grand ideal but instead is reduced to touting it as some sort of international Walmart. They can no longer think of any real benefits of the EU - nor can I.
I wish Paxman would take up the Hoon's offer to open up the debate and grill him on Newsnight - "Mr Hoon, simply, what are the benefits of the EU?" " Really?"

And as a follow up he could ask him about this:

Equipment delay led to death of British soldier - Britain - Times Online

An urgent request from army commanders for enhanced combat body armour to give extra protection to troops preparing to fight a war with Iraq in 2003 was delayed for two months by Geoff Hoon, then Defence Secretary.
A devastating report by a board of inquiry into the death of Sergeant Steven Roberts of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, who was not wearing one of the vital life-savers and died of a bullet wound in the chest on the fifth day of the war, said he would have survived had he been protected by the special body armour.


No doubt if only those kids knew more about the EU, you would learn to love it. It's kind of like the UN, only more powerful and more intrusive. Wonder if anyone in the UK flies the EU flag? I've never seen the UN flag flown here in Amerika, (outside of their protected HQ in New York). Actually, I'd love to burn the UN flag!

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