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Your starter for ten

Telegraph | Opinion | Which one makes her country proud?

Condo or Ma Beckett?

Come on it's not that hard, let me give you a clue, which one is tirelessly working, intelligent, talented and knowledgeable and which one is a total fuckwit who is going caravaning rather than put in a few hours doing what she is paid for?


You may have a point but what difference would it make. Whilst I do not think Iraq was a good idea, Blair has been generally correct in identifying our interests with those of the USA. The real error of Labour's ways has been in not practising what it preaches in terms of joined up government; instead of cutting the defence budget we should have been strengthening our armed forces; instead of weakening domestic security the government should have imposed border controls and made the Home Office, the police and judiciary get real and ditch their damaging politically correct shibboleths.

And more to the point, which one would you most like to share breakfast with after an energetic night together?

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