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Weakest to the wall

City tries to ban drinkers from standing at the bar - Britain - Times Online

Vertical drinking, Police in Preston, Lancashire believe, is one of the country’s main causes of public disorder and would like to see it banned in the city’s pubs.
Vertical drinking is a new term for what used to be called standing at the bar, long regarded as the natural refuelling posture

Bloody Hell - Married women, domino players and poofters can sit down in a pub but real men drink vertically until they go horizontal.

At one of my stag parties down the pub before I was off to wed in the morning the sight of Pedro being offered a pint, missing the bar by six feet and falling down with his glass in the air, without spilling a drop - to which the landlord said to his prone figure: "I'll take that as a yes to another then" - almost made the whole debacle worthwhile.


Well, surely this policy is based on rigorous research or medical evidence....?

"Sixteen pints of lager slip into the tanks much more easily when the gullet is erect rather than kinked by the body being squeezed into a chair like a half-shut penknife. Drinking while standing in a like-minded group, police argue, is a contributor to booze-fuelled violence.

When the mindless nerd next to you knocks the pint out of your hand, it’s much easier to go for him directly than having to get out of a chair to punch his lights out."

Ah, guess not. Half witted assumptions and lazy characterisations of 'drinkers' that would never pass muster if used about any ethnic or religious group...


What a bunch of twats.

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