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Prescott's non sustainability

£300,000 is written off as Kelly cancels Prescott's 'summit' - Britain - Times Online

JOHN PRESCOTT’S declining influence was illustrated yesterday when it emerged that Ruth Kelly had cancelled his plans for an international conference after taking over his department.
The abandoned sustainable communities “summit”, which would have featured “Deputy Prime Minister’s Awards”, has still cost the taxpayer more than £300,000 in consultants’ fees and other expenses.
“It is clear that these conferences were purely to massage his inflated ego and his misplaced pretension of being a world statesman, rather than any attempt to improve people’s lives.”

The disclosure will heighten pressure on Mr Prescott as he prepares to stand in for Mr Blair from tomorrow after a series of humiliations: the loss of his department, news of an affair with his diary secretary and giving up Dorneywood, his official country residence.

All those schmoozing and after session bonding opportunities - all gone - what will are polyester suited bureaucrats do now? Bad news for places such as Stevenage which recently - Newsletter - "been awarded £5 million as part of its ‘Sustainable Communities Plan". I wonder if "Sarah Bissett Scott at the Council’s Economic Development Unit" has any other ideas of how to help the community?


Read on about Ms Bissett Scott: http://www.pcc.org.uk/case/resolved.html?article=NDAzMQ==

No advantage, no gain, just doing a job to get regeneration for Luton's citizens well before there was a nuLab government. 'Meticulously honest in avoiding conflict of interest', the Mail on Sunday said about SBS, both in their article of 14 May that you are referring to and in their response to the Press Complaint Commission's investigation.

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