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Adam Smith Institute Blog writes on a local issue:

99% or more of people who see Stonehenge do so from the A303 as they come over the Amesbury ridge. It is one of the most thrilling sights in the world, and engages thousands of people with the monument; but it would be lost under the current plan.

A much better idea is that proposed by Heritage Action: simply to grass over the A344 spur. Access to the monument would be gained by going past it on the A303 to the Longbarrow crossroads, and turning right and right again on existing roads, to the car park – which is indeed right next to the stones, but in a natural hollow that renders it invisible from them.

Go and support Heritage Action against the madness of purists!


I remember in the late 70's it was surrounded by concertina wire, and we were unable to visit it.

Tell me, have you ever heard of Avebury?

Stonehenge is unique, but Avebury is the biggest stone circle and henge in the country, plus there are a couple of avenues of stones leading to and from it.

Just next door is Silbury Hill, biggest man-made ancient monument in Europe, and a mere stone's throw from this are two long barrows (the one at West Kennet being particularly well preserved), which are relics of the culture that preceded the stone circle builders.

Avebury is also completely unique in Britain as the only scheduled ancient monument (and World Heritage site) where you can get a drink; there's a pub in the middle of it.

Go have a look; it is truly worth it.

TE ADDS - couldn't agree more - I live only a couple of miles from Avebury - in fact if you walk from Avebury to Stonehenge as I have done a couple of times you walk through my farmyard.

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