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Bang to Rights

FREE MARKET FAIRY TALES: Prisons, press releases & the poor application of logic

the Howard League for Penal Reform thinks that because 64% of female convicts re-offend, women’s prisons should be closed, right

Well seeing that for all adult inmates the Home Office says:
For the baseline cohort (2000), the actual two-year re-offending rate was 57.6 per cent. Reoffending means that the offender committed an offence within the two-year follow-up period and was subsequently convicted in court. In 2002, the actual rate increased to 58.5 per cent but the cohort of offenders in 2002 was, on balance, slightly more likely to re-offend. This resulted in a predicted rate of 58.6 per cent, which is higher than the actual rate. As the actual rate is lower than the predicted rate, there has been an improvement over the 2000 results,
Got that?

So we can draw two conclusions - Reoffending rates are roughly the same for men and women and the call for women's prisons to be closed is pure sexism based on an outdated stereotype of poor delicate women needing special treatment - feminists should be appalled at the suggestion.
And secondly the Home Office expects two out of three ex-prisoners to be be caught and convicted within two years again - as I believe most people released from prison are on licence and so are being "managed in the community" what does that tell you about the effectiveness of letting them out as a crime prevention measure?


If we had a decent Criminal Justice System that handed out proper sentences instead of lenient"Political correct" ones and if prison life was hard and uncomfortable like it was supposed to be there wouldn't be many re-offenders because they wouldn't want to risk doing "Porridge" again,unfortunately sentences are a joke and prison life is more like a holiday camp than a viable detterent to crime so there is no incentive for the scum of today to wind their necks in and go on the "staight and narrow"!

Are they suggestiung that if womens prisons were closed, reoffending would go down?

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