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More problems at the RPA

BBC NEWS | UK | Agency overpays farmers by £20m

Farmers have been overpaid by £20m by a government department under fire for its handling of a new subsidy system.
The Rural Payments Agency says almost 2,000 farmers have been paid too much in subsidies since June.
In some cases cheques will be stopped, but the agency will contact other farmers about recovering the money.

First they don't pay anyone, then they pay some of them a bit, now it sounds like they have given up and just sprayed the money out... oh and that whistling sound you can hear? That's me trying to look innocent with my pockets stuffed with Boy Miliband's cash as I walk up and down outside the Range Rover dealership...

UPDATE - 8:30 this morning the RPA were on the phone asking for their £19,000 back so I had better cancel the test drive..


Tell them you have spent the cash and they can have it back at £5 a week, they are so incompetnt they will never get it back.

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