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A note to farmers

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office has launched its new "Secure Your Fertiliser" website, aimed at the farming and growing community.

I'm not sure I noticed this on the site but I think I can now safely say that anyone hanging round my potting shed eyeing up the bag of Lawn Sand may now be considered a potential terrorist and dealt with accordingly...

Update - as they say on the website:

Key attacks in the UK using fertiliser based explosives

1996 - South Quay, London Docklands
1996 - Manchester
1998 – Omagh, Co. Tyrone
2001 – BBC TV Centre, London
2001 – Ealing Broadway, London
2001 – Birmingham (failed to fully detonate)

Groups such as FARC (Columbia), ETA (Spain), Hezbollah (Israel and Occupied Territories), Tamil Tigers (Sri Lanka) and Al Qaida (international) have all used fertiliser based explosives, again with devastating results. Notable attacks have included:

1993 – World Trade Centre, New York
1994 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
1995 – Oklahoma City, US
2002 – Bali, Indonesia
2003 – British Consulate, Istanbul
2006 – Mumbai, India

It should be noted that all of these attacks combined (both UK and overseas), which killed over 700 people and caused billions of pounds worth of damage, used a total of less than 12 tonnes of fertiliser. This is only about half a lorry load of fertiliser.


ANFO - the generic name for fertilizer based explosives - has been known about since at least the second world war. Our fenian chums across the water were very adept at making bang stuff out of ammonium nitrate fertilizer from at least the early eighties if not earlier.

But only in 2006 does DEFRA wake up and realise that your average arable farm probably has enough fertilizer lying around to supply a small bomb factory. So much for Her Majesty's Home Civil Service being drawn from the cream of the crop (no pun intended).


"hanging round my potting shed eyeing up the bag of Lawn Sand may now be considered a potential terrorist and dealt with accordingly"

That includes the man from DEFRA, tax inspectors and council tax valuation nazi's?

I recall being shown how to make explosives using potash by an eldery neighbour of my grandparents, he was in his 80's and a tank veteran of ww1.
I was 8 years old, that was 35 years ago and better days.

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